Zumiez Job Application – Online and Printable Employment Form

How to get a Zumiez job?

To apply online:

Step 1: Go to http://www.zumiez.com/jobs. There are several categories of jobs on the page.

Step 2: Find a job category you favorite. Then click on the “APPLY NOW” button.

Step 3: Search for a job on the new page and click the job title you would like to see the job description and requirements. Then click “ Apply” button to finish the application.

To apply in-store:

Print this Zumiez Employment Form, fill it out and take it to your local Zumiez store.

Available positions at Zumiez now:

Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager, Customer Service Representative, Sales Person, Junior Designer, Footwear Buyer, Merchandise Handler, Merchandise Planner, Distribution Center Employee, Administrative Assistant, Designer, Seasonal Sales Person, Key holder, Web Developer, Accounting Clerk.

Some Interview tips:

1. To be a hopeful, submitting the proper information is necessary. Once submitted, applicants usually get a call to schedule job interviews within a couple days. If you don’t get such a call, don’t be upset, they may call back at a later date.

2. The interview for a job in Zumiez typically consists of a one-to-one interview. You will be asked questions about skills, work experience, working advantages and so on.

3. During the interview, interviewees also ask job-hunters to say something about company culture and purchases. Sometimes, you will be asked to name some clothing items for sale in this season or the coming season. So it is necessary to visit Zumiez ’s website and gather some basic information.

4. An enthusiastic, energetic and friendly behavior will make a good impression on the hiring manager. Besides, a short and informative answer is as important as be good impression.

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