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Are you concerned with managing cash? Do you happen to eager for a new job? If you do, Loomis is a good choice. Now, they are looking for hardworking, individualistic and passionate associates.

How to apply for the job at Loomis you want:

First of all, since Loomis doesn’t support printable application, you need to register on: http://loomis.com/en/Career/.

Secondly, Click “Apply for a Job at Loomis” link and you can see a list of local web sites. Choose a country you want to work. By this way, you will find a lot of jobs in that country.

Thirdly, click the category name you want and see the details of the category. After that, you can apply for the job.

Fourthly, press “Work4Loomis.com” link and choose a location on the new page. Then you will see a list of jobs. Job description will be displayed by clicking the position name. After that, you can find a “Apply Now” button and finish your application.

Loomis hires for the following positions now:

Messenger/Driver/ Armed Service Technician, Part Time Messenger/Driver/Armed Service Technician, Cash Management Service Teller, CMS Manager, Cash Management Services, Night Vault Clerk, Armored Service Technician, Coin Teller

Interview Tips:

At first, as an applicant, you should submit a job request completed with the needed information.

Secondly, usually Human Resources Managers call hopefuls to schedule interviews in a few weeks. It means that you are likely to be one of them if you receive this call.

Thirdly, it is advisable to dress in business casual attire, and be ready to discuss your own motivation to work for Loomis.

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  1. can start anytime/I am retired Mil. and TSA/use to work turrent,driver type 3 lic and custodain for loomis 1997 till 2002

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