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If you are interested in working in food and beverage businesses, B.R. Associates, Inc. must be a good choice. The company operates several local franchise restaurants, including Long John Silver, Wendy’s, Papa Johns and others.

How to apply for the job at B.R. Associates, Inc. you want?

First of all, since B.R. Associates, Inc. doesn’t support printable application, you need to go to the online application website: www.Work4br.com. Then click the logo to apply or view benefit packages.

In addition, fill out the application form on the next page.

Finally, when you find out the one you want, just apply it. The sooner you apply it, the better chance you get it.

Latest Job Positions:

Store Manager, Assistant Manager, Server, Cook, Cashier


1. To be a hopeful, submitting the proper information is necessary. Once submitted, applicants usually get a call to schedule job interviews within a couple days. If you don’t get such a call, don’t be upset, they may call back at a later date.

2. The interview for a job in B.R. Associates, Inc. typically consists of a one-to-one interview. You will be asked questions about skills, work experience, working advantages and so on.

3. During the interview, interviewees also ask job-hunters to say something about company culture and purchases. Sometimes, you will be asked to name some clothing items for sale in this season or the coming season. So it is necessary to visit B.R. Associates, Inc.’s website and gather some basic information,

4. An enthusiastic, energetic and friendly behavior will make a good impression on the hiring manager. Besides, a short and informative answer is as important as be good impression.

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