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It’s very simple to apply for a TGI Fridays job online, so just follow the following directions.

First of all: Visit its official career website: www.Tgifcareer.com. Then click “Start Here” button.

Secondly: Find the link of “career opportunities”, and click it.

Thirdly: You need to decide what kind of job you want to work on the new page: kitchen, host, support center, bar, cleaner, waiter/waitress. Choose one you are interested in.

Finally: After that, you can see a video or an article to share the inside story on the position in TGI Friday by employees. You can also find a button named “FIND VACANCIES”. Just click it, and a application will displayed on the next page. You must complete it and press “BEGIN APPLICATION” button.

Available Job Positions at TGI Friday now:

Broiler/Grill Cook, Bartender, Busser, Director of Operations, General Manager, Dishwasher, Host/Hostess, Kitchen Manager, Strategic Leaderships Essentials (SLE), Prep Cook, Restaurant Management Essentials (RME), Server, Department Management Essentials (DME)

About TGI Friday:

TGI Friday began in 1965 in New York City. Now it is an American company which owns over 900 locations across 60 countries worldwide.

If you love restaurant industry, you should join TGI Friday; if you just desire a part-time job to fill your purse, you should also join TGI Friday. It may provide the satisfied job with a rewarding work environment for the one who want to work. In addition, TGI Friday don’t employ workers who are under 18 years old.

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5 thoughts on “www.Tgifcareer.com – TGI Fridays Job Application Online

  1. hello i would like to tell u a little bit about myself im 36 years old. ever since i was able to work i was i started in restaraunt business.i started from washin dishes to cooking and then moved up to restaraunt management/kitchen manager.im available any time.any hours.i hope to maybe be employed for tgif.thanks for ur time.

  2. I would like to take a moment of your time to see if you would consider myself for any kitchen help that is needed . At this time I would like a chance to work at any station. From dish to prep/cook and even try at cooking or help out where needed . I’m a fast learner and am not afraid to just jump in and help . Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon . And thank you for your time .

  3. this whole fucking website is a scam to gather personal onfo on people then try to sell you a bunch of shit that you dont need or cant afford . you will never get hired anywhere through this site. sorry but truth hurts sometimes.

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