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How to apply for a job at RadioShack: 

Since RadioShack does not provide a printable job application, you must apply for employment on the website by following the link here.


When open the site, select the job type you like (retail or corporate), then you search for the job positions with your zip code or keywords. Once you find a job suit for you, follow the instructions to submit you job application form online.

Full-time or part-time positions may vary depending on the location.

Available job positions at RadioShack: Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager, District Manager, Sales Associate,  Purchaser, Material Handler, Electronic Assembler, Industrial Engineer, Electronic Designer, Production Planner, Product Tester, Quality Assurance Associate, Customer Service Representative

About RadioShack:

RadioShack is an American franchise of electronics retail stores in the United States and also parts of Europe, South America and Africa. RadioShack retail locations offer a wide selection of modern technology products. Merchandise sold at RadioShack includes batteries, cell phones, TVs, radios, GPS units, cameras and camcorders, videogames and toys, and electronic components for DIY hobbyists. RadioShack sells products from some of the most popular and trusted brand names in the world.

RadioShack needs sales associates and managers now. Sales associate jobs require almost no experience to receive employment consideration, so it’s an entry-level and suitable for most people. RadioShack manager-level positions need applicants with work experience and professional knowledge. RadioShack also needs to fill positions in distribution centers and corporate offices.

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