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If you are interested in working in beverage businesses, Coca-Cola Refreshments must be a good choice.

How to get a job at Coca-Cola Refreshments?

Step 1: You should go to Coca-Cola Refreshments career site: www.Enjoycareers.com. Then you should upload your resume, create a login, and enter your information.

Step 2: Click “CAREER OPPORTUNITIES” button. As we know, Coca-Cola is an international corporation. So you should choose an area to see more jobs.

Step 3: You can view all open job positions on the new page. Just click the job title to see descriptions & requirements.

Step 4: Click “Apply With Linkedln” link to finish your application. The sooner you apply it, the better chance you get it.

Some Available positions at Coca-Cola Refreshments now:

Distribution Supervisor, Clerk, Merchandiser Part-time, Full Service Delivery Driver, Customer Service Team Member, Customer Development Manager, Casual Laborer, Merchandiser, Transport Driver, Training & Communications Project Manager, Machine Operator, Processing Archivist, Order Builder, Marketing Manager, Human Resources Manager, Account Manager Combo, Business Development Lead

Full-time or hourly jobs may vary depending on the location.

About Coca-Cola & Coca-Cola Refreshments: 

Coca-Cola Refreshments is the new supply chain, logistics, sales, and customer service operations arm of the Coca-Cola Company. Coca-Cola is so successful and famous that almost everybody in the world is familiar with the brand. It comprises 250 bottling partners all over the world. Coca-Cola’s history began in 1944. At first, it was invented as a patent medicine. Later, a businessman named Asa Griggs Candler used his marketing strategies lead Coca-Cola cover the world soft-drink market throughout the 20th century. Now, Coca-Cola is the world’s fifth most valuable brand, according to Interbrand’s best global brand 2012.

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