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How to apply for a Honeywell job?

Step 1: Visit the Honeywell Careers Center website http://www.careersathoneywell.com. Here you can search for all the latest Honeywell positions. You can either view all open job positions or use the advanced search form by selecting relevant criteria, including job number, job field, keywords and so on, then you can get a list of job positions meet your needs.

Step 2: On the next page, you can see a list of jobs. Select a job title; you will see the job description, qualification, education level and so on. At the bottom of the page, you can click the “Apply for This Position” button. Then follow the instructions to submit your application form online. Is it easy?

Step 3:Please note: you should either use your Yahoo or Google account or create an account first to complete the application process.

Available jobs at Honeywell Company now:

Sr Manufacturing Technician, Technical Supervisor, Sales & Marketing Manager, Regional Sales Rep, Physical flow & packaging engineer, Industrial Sales Rep, Sr Advanced Manufacturing Engineer, Import/Export Specialist, Software Quality Engineer, Technical Expert.

Employment process information at Honeywell:

After finishing and submitting all needed information for employment consideration, hopefuls can expect a call from Honeywell Human Resource Manager in a several weeks to schedule an interview. Applicants should attend the meeting on time, dress presentably, and prepare to demonstrate professionalism what you can do that others cannot throughout the hiring process.

At a Honeywell interview, interviewees should dress in business casual attire. Besides, shaking hands with the interviewer will win you a good first impression. A smile face, a positive attitude and keep consistent eye contact throughout the interview are also likely to count in your favor.

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