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Staples was founded by Thomas G. Stemberg and Leo Kahn in 1986 in Brighton, MA. Staples received big success since it’s the first office supply superstore in the world. It has been developing really fast, and it became a Fortune 500 company by 1996. In 1998, Staples opened its official website. With growing sales online, Staples continues to expand.

Whether you seek an entry-level job or desire a full-time career in retail, Staples may need to put you to work immediately. Staples must hire entry-level workers and professional associates to fill part-time vacancies and full-time jobs. Prospective employees at least 18 years of age may apply online with Staples now.

Available job positions at Staples: Cashier, Customer Service Lead, Easy Technology Associate, Easy Technology Expert, Furniture Associate, Inventory Associate, Office Supplies Associate, Service Desk Associate, Solutions Advisor, Tech Advisor, Driver/Courier Productions Center, Production Associate, Service Delivery Administrator, Assistant Manager

How to apply for a job at Staples: Applicants need to apply positions online, because Staples doesn’t provide a printable job application form. It’s really easy to apply online, so don’t worry.

Just go to the website and click on the “Search for a job” button to start your application process.

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