Payless Job Application Online

Now is an exciting time to join Payless. The famous discount footwear retailer is going to revamp retail stores and grab the attention of consumers.

How to apply:

You can go to their online career website to view their job opportunities and follow the step by step instructions to submit your job application form.

Now Payless Hiring:

Team Lead (Retail Technology Field Services), PPG Support Associate, Bilingual Customer Support Center Associate, Senior Business Systems Analyst (Marketing), District Leader, Merchandise Distribution Analyst

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About the company:

Payless is a retail leader that provides competitive pay and benefits, so it’s a very nice thing if you can join them. They launched a “Extreme Rewards” incentive program for Store Managers. Each individual Store Manager has the opportunity to earn generous incentive payments based directly on his or her store’s business results.

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85 thoughts on “Payless Job Application Online

  1. I am appling for job in cunsumer sales,stocking,help clean store.I am a teamplayer, and have an attentive, and friendly dispostion.I love serving customers, and working well with others. I am a very hard worker.

      1. it is normal to help others and,s also home even while obeying the principles of society and that of others.

    1. it is normal that,a good worker can maintain or he seeks his bread and that it is also required, be on the same basis with those that he found and that he submits himself to the principles of the company.

  2. HI my name is giselle sizer and i aplyed for payless but i haved heard nothing yet but everytime i go into payless at 4640 roosevelt blvd they tell me to call i am a very hard working and i dont have a promble about working because i dont have little kinds and i would like to work at payless i get alonge with people i am a people person at all time so if u would please call me at 215.237.2647 i would love this job and thank u and have a nice and bless day

  3. Hello my name is Hope,
    I’m going to be honest here, I have 3 little ones of my own and one income coming in ain’t cutting it… And so I am looking for whatever JOB AVAILABLE and willing to start ASAP. I am a very hard worker and a quick learner… I am easy to get along with and I love working with others. I also have retail & cash handling experience… I will sure love to work for this Company (PaylessShoeStore) Please , if you have any questions or concerns, you may contact me at (206) 765-7786 / (253) 249-6338 or you mail email me at… Thank You for your time & Patiences and I look forward to hearing from you… God bless!!!

  4. Hi my name is tamiera meyer and I am applying for a job for payless. I am a very hard worker I get along with people very easily and I can start whenever but I am in school but I can after school till whenever and on the weekends till whenever pleasr let me know because I could really use this job terriblyu

  5. Hello my name is Ashley Marie Stroud and I am 22. I am highly interested in working with your company. I have you my phone number when I came in, but just in case it is 7025423924. I am great with customer service, outgoing, and eager to work!

  6. January 24,2012 at 12.57 Hello my name is Irma Jovel I’m from El Salvador .I’m anplying for a job for payles.I’m very hard worker ,please giving one opportunities for demostration me interestin for morker with payles.thank.’ s for this opportunities

  7. Hi, my name is Shahrin and I want to apply for a job at Payless, preferably as a cashier. I was told to apply at but I couldn’t find any job at Kew Gardens or Woodhaven to apply. So, I would like if you can notify me, if there is a job available at a Payless in those areas, at this number: (718) 805-0749 ; I am available at all times and will be waiting for a response because I am eager to work. Thank you.

  8. To whom it may concern: My name is Ruby Perez..And I would like to apply at the Payless Wharehouse and have the opportunity to work as a team memeber either for Picker/Packer/Stocker,I have alot of years working in Factorys/Wharehouse with alot of..

    1. Experience, I’m a good team worker, I work well with others,I’m a fast learner, I always keep my area clean in my work place, Me doing overtime is NO PROBLEM! I am Available 02-07-2012 and I’m Very Eager to Work for your Company, 909-521-5268 Thank You.

  9. Experience, I’m a good teamworker,I work well with others and I’m a fast learner,I always keep my area clean in my work place,Me doing over time is NO PROBLEM, I am Available 02-07-2012,I am very Eager to Work, Thank You.

  10. Hi I’m Ruby Perez,I would like the opportunity to work for your Company Payless,I have experience in Wharehouse/Factory work,I’m a good teamworker and I work well with others, I keep my area clean,I’m a fast learner,Overtime is NO PROBLEM! 909-521-5268.

  11. hello my name is evett i was wantin to fell out a application to apply for a job in Angleton,tx 77515 do to the help wanted in the window an i was hopping to get this this job so not only because i need but because i want it an i will work hard but not just for for my child as well so if you could you please think abou giving me job i really need can you help me an i help you

    SS.Evett B Hall

  12. Hello, my name is Leticia Bocanegra i would like to work for payless not only because i need a job but to work with customers and making them feel welcome, I have great customer service and very hard worker and motivated person also i am bilingual fluente spanish and english.

  13. Erica D. gaines

    Hello my name is Erica Gaines,

    I believe I can help coustomers very best in playless.I know i’m a good worker I would say i’m enthusiuastic and very pleased to be a good job worker at payless.I can get coustomers in and out. Iwould love to do cashier because I worked at Mcdonald doing cashier and stocker. I’ve also worked at Jcpenny so I have some training. I believe, I would do best.I conquer to achevie.

    Thank you
    Erica D Gaines

  14. Good Morning,
    Hello my name is Chanda Sanders,
    I worked for Payless Shoe Source some years ago.And I really enjoyed working for the company in Wilmington, N.C.I am interested in working for them again if at all possible.I am a Team player and a very dedicated worker.I multitask, follow all procedures and protocols.My confidence level for my work performance is awesome.I know for certain that customers are most important.I also realize that my position would be the second most important thing.


  15. hello my name is julia im very intrested in workin for your company. im a very hard, dependable worker and im good with others please give me a chance to prove myself. thank you

  16. Hi my name is Judy prince im looking 4 a job closer 2 home your store by me is #2403 im a hard worker. right know im a housekeeper one day of the week i want 2 try something differnt i love people.

  17. Hello my name is Robin Roslonski im interested in a retail job in a company that i can grow and help bring my dedication. I have 7years managment experience and enjoy people,i have great customer sevice and i’m a people person.

  18. Hi! My name is LashiraJohnson and i’m looking forward to working at payless not because i have a great personality. But i love working with peopl and have an awsome way of communicating with people.And i’m very dependable when it comes to working on the job.

  19. hello ! My name is samira, i m a big fan of payless. i am looking forward to working at pay less and was told by store manger to apply online but for some reason it doesn’t allow me to get through the application. i live in chicago, illinois if any position available at any area please allow me to show my talent and service to others. i love helping people and i communicate with people very easily. so i will be glade if you e-mail me at
    Thank you !!!

  20. pls am a very hard working young lady, 23yrs a bachelor degree holder 3yrs of cashhandling experience. good communication and customer service/support

  21. I would like to work at a Payless shoes store and I never worked at a Payless shoes store before and it would be different to work at a Payless shoe store and I would like to work as a cashier at a Payless shoes store and I like working with employees and customers and I’m experienced as a cashier at a department store working with shoes. (Etc.)

  22. Hi! My name is claribel zavala and i’m looking forward to working at payless not because i have a great personality. But i love working with peopl and have an awsome way of communicating with people.And i’m very dependable when it comes to working on the job.

  23. Hi! My name is claribel zavala and i’m looking forward to working at payless not because i have a great personality. But i love working with peopl and have an awsome way of communicating with people.And i’m very dependable when it comes to working on the job.7022924288

  24. HI! my name afroja khondaker I really need a job right now i hope that you help me to find one.

  25. payless is the best place to work at because the the people there are nice to you
    and wish i can work with them if you hiring me i will do all i can to make it beter

  26. I would like to join in and parther with the team at Payless shoe source,i am a very energetic Africian American mother that will bring a great asset to your company, please consider my request .

  27. Hi my name is Penda. i am a junior high school student. I am really interested in working with Payless, Iv’e been wanted to work for a long time. I am a good communicator with the customers. I love to help and yes I love to work with different people.
    If any information please email me on
    Thank you

  28. hi my name is casandra and i really need to work for payless shoesource and i like helping people around.please respond my request!!!

  29. Actually, it really did work out very well, and I passed from GEN300 to a humanities class, which
    actually went towards my degree. The first thing that needs updating is the way in which products
    are displayed on the website. In order to properly keep up with the demand for easier access, it’s impossible for companies to ignore the
    lure of the internet.

  30. hello my name is geraldine silvis I am looking for a full time or part time job at payless shoes store in red bluff ca I am 19 and I am currently attending shasta college I thank you for you time

  31. Hi my name is Jeffrey Samuel i’m looking for a job at payless shoe store.
    I’M really interested to work for payless,whenever you get this message please contact me my number is 5615094289

  32. Hi my name is amal 20 years old frome staten island mew york , I’m looking for a job at payless store. My phone number is 17186969030 thank you

  33. Holo my name is iang im looking for fulltime or parttime at payless store.ilike other people helping and clean the store .my phone number is 432 2341839 or 4325990011

  34. I would love to work for payless. I have been shopping there for years. I really believe in the product. I need a part-time job. Thanks. Susan.

  35. Buenas tardes yo nesecito trabajar por las tardes después d mi escuela espero su respuesta gracias

  36. I really would like to work for your Establishment and get the experience of being a part of a team/family,in return I can give, my hard working reliable skills, as well as arrive early willing to stay late,
    ,friendly attitude,eager ability to learn and grow with in the company.
    Thank you ,Julie Sales

  37. Hi more than a month ago I am looking a job through a city of Greeley, but I can’t find it because I speak English can, but I’m talking about the french. help me to find a. 9704059550

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