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How to apply for a suitable job at OfficeMax:

If you want to apply a job at OfficeMax, you need to apply online by clicking the website link www.Officemax.com/careers and click on the “Apply for positions” link to search for your favorite job and submit your application form online.

If you need help with completing the application, you can email your request to Initiative@officemax.com.

Available job positions at OfficeMax: Assistant Manager, Store Manager, Lead Project Manager, Business Development Manager, retail Store Associate, Cashier, Sales Associate, accountant, Team member

OfficeMax is a leader in both business-to-business and retail office products distribution inAmerica. It delivers an unparalleled customer experience through a relentless focus on our customers. The OfficeMax provides office supplies and paper, print and document services, technology products and solutions, and furniture to large, medium and small businesses and consumers.

OfficeMax offers a wide variety of roles from corporate to retail positions. Its career paths are so diverse that chances are no matter what your background or interests may be. OfficeMax is a powerhouse company with everything you need for career success. At OfficeMax, its vision is to become the leading provider of office products and services through a relentless focus on our customers.

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  1. I realize this blog is old, but the same issue can haeppn. The Process for on-line ordering is great for House customers with large files over 5mb each and complex collation and fullfilment.I encourage customers, whom know the store level printing department to just email a request. My POINT:1- you have to input the same information2- you can get email confirmation of delivery3- your contact information is in the email4- the print dept. checks email every hour5- it is more personal6- If files are large, an ftp upload can be done- easySometimes technology is great for most, but when you need it now, and you need to know it will be ready.EMAIL directly- All stores have it.Personally- I can help the customer faster, have less questions with the email solution.The on-line ordering is complex, slow, and less personalized.Chase Beach

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