Make Money by Taking Online Paid Surveys

If you stay at home idly with a computer, would you like to earn extra money? You just need to give your opinions to some topics or products, then you can get paid. This is so called online paid surveys, a new way to make money at home by using your computer.

Now there are hundreds of companies providing the online paid surveys, such as,,,, and more. Just go to one of these websites, create your own account and answer the surveys they provide to you, then you can start making money.

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The survey fee varies by company and by survey. Some are high and some are low. The generally payout is from $1 to $15. The more surveys you do, the more money you can earn. So you can sign up with several survey sites to increase your income. You can’t expect to earn a full salary by¬† taking online paid surveys, but $500 – $1000 per month is possible.

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