Hollister Co. Store Job Application Online

How to apply for a Hollister store job:

You can apply online through the Hollister online employment system careers.hollisterco.com! To use the system, you need to have an employment application password from a Hollister Co. Store recruiter or manager. Once you got the code, go to the website https://careers.hollisterco.com right now and enter your password to complete your job application form by following their instructions.

If you don’t have a password, you should go to your local Hollister store to fill out an employment application form. Click here to find a store near you>>

Current Hollister Store Opportunities:

Cashier, Sales Associates, Manager in training, Model, Part Time Impact, College Recruitment

About Hollister Co.:

Hollister or Hollister Co., owneded by Abercrombie & Fitch Co., is a famous clothing retailer that focuses on So Cal lifestyle clothes for young consumers aged 14 to 18.

Hollister offers a great range of benefits to their employees, including Competitive pay scales, Paid training programs, 401(k) retirement plans, Health Insurance, and more. And all employees are given a choice of items to purchase with a 50% discount at Hollister store.

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81 thoughts on “Hollister Co. Store Job Application Online

  1. Im looking for job in holister and i would like to enjoy ur company plz reply asap to start working with you guys.many thx

  2. I used to be a stock manager for the gap i have tons of experience in the clothing department,great customer skills,bilingual ,good attitude always happy,familliar with all sizes male n female ,overall a clothing fanatic ,alot of drive to complete tasks, my availability is open,very punctual,i am walking distance .starting availability a.s.a.p .pl. reply. God bless

  3. I’ve only had one job and that’s at a fast food but ,I also always wanted to work at a clothing store because I love fashion and I love the store Hollister!!! I’m pretty sure im good at selling things because my rate at work for sales would be high .only took me a week for my manager to tell me I sale good and to keep it up.im loud and I get along with people really good. I like to be friendly and I’m also very out going .you’ll just have to meet me in person to understand. .#goodvibes#parttime#yess#please#thankyou.(:

  4. di questo marchio penso che sia … un marchio originale,innovativo, e sopratutto diverso..personalmente mi piace molto

  5. I am a person who is eager to progress in everything that is proposed, I am able to express my ideas easily my aim is gain experience.
    I have some experience in some jobs, I have experience in waitress, I have been working in fast food shops and bars, I have also been working as sales assistant in shops, babysitting, housekeeper and cleaning offices, but my desire is to continue to develop and improve my skills, because of my great enthusiasm and charisma for coping any means. I have confidence that I can hold the post, as I am a person committed to work, always i try to perform the tasks in order to be the best. I am a person concerned about providing excellent care in customer.
    please I am very interesting to work, anything contact me

    1. hi, my name is Kiki.I’m 21 years old. I was born in Chengdu,and I’m a native girl.
      Today I went to the store and got my inaugural order.SO I’m filling out this form to you:) In this summer vacation,I want to join your summer vacation part-time job.I would like 3 in a week to 5 days is the working time,and accept night shift.I am outing, good at communication and able to communicate with customers in English.
      I like team work and team spirit.If you would like to invite me to join you,I would like to give my team a lot of effort.
      Can you call me back if you agree?My cell phone number is:15928054852.Thank you and good luck to myself!

  6. I like this job,and I will work hard.Please give me a chance,I believe I can do will.
    Thank you very much.

  7. My name is Gloriana, i have nearly 20 years. Job seeker.
    I am a beutifull girl, i’ am an educated girl, I’m willing.
    Do not speak english, i hope that is not a problem.

  8. Hi,could anyone told me what is the number doing after i applying the hollister online.
    And why they did not send me the email

  9. I am a college student .I want to find a part-time job and get exercise. Thanks!
    My name is Tangrong .
    My telephone number is 15021535286.

  10. Hello,I’m a student from Shanghai Business University.To enrich my college life,I want to get a part-time job at Hollister.Every week I have four days available for work,Thursday,Friday,Saturday and Sunday.Hopefully,I want you to give me the precious chance to show my ability and my advantage at this job.I’m looking forward to hearing from you,thank you!

  11. Hello,I’m a student from Shanghai Business School,hoping to get a part-time job at Hollister.Every week I have four days available,Thursday ,Friday,Saturday and Sunday.Looking forward to receiving your reply,thank you.

  12. Hello,I want to work at hollister,please give me a chance,and I will work hard.Thank you please call me 18629755585.

  13. Hello,I want to work at hollister,please give me a chance,and I will work hard .Thank you please call me 18629755585.

  14. You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go, and see what happens. ​​​Do something I really want

    1. hello,I want to work at hollister,please give me a chance,my telephone number is13027803675 call me,thank you

  15. Hi,I am looking for a position in HOLLISTER,please give me a chance,my phone number is 13828724606 call me thank you.

  16. Hi,I am looking for a part-time job in HOLLISTER,please give me a chance,my phone number is 13828724606,call me,thanks.

  17. Hello, I always come hollister to buy some clothes,beautiful dress etc. I really like this brand because I think hollister is the sign of sunshine and fashion. That is why I am writing to apply for the post in hollister. I am a lively,friendly girl and I am very conscientious.please give me a chance to work in hollister.My phone number is 18614014306. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely YaQiJin.

  18. hi,my name is xvziting,I am a cheerful ,kind and friendly girl and i am a collage student,I always come Hollister to buy some clothes,I really like Hollister because I think hollister is representative of California culture. it makes me feel healthy and beautiful.please give me a chance,I am sure to surprise you and delight you.My phone number is 13078226344,Looking forward to your response:)

  19. hello,I am looking for a part-time job in HOLLISTER,please give me a chance, my telephone number is15217688699 call me thank you.

  20. Hello,I’m Li yintong,and you can call me Jennifer, I am looking for a position in HOLLISTER, I really need this job. Please give me a chance, my phone number is 13433150879, I’m looking forward to your reply. thank you.

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