Dollar General Job Application Online

How to submit your Dollar General job application form online?

1. To start, visit the Dollar General careers website or!

2. Choose which career you like, including store career, distribution center career or corporate career.

3. Go to the career page and find the job position you want to apply, then click on the “APPLY ONLINE” button to start your application process.

4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the application form.

Click here to start now!

If you’re going to your local Dollar General store or office to apply for your job, you can also use their paper application. Download this printable Dollar General job application form (PDF), fill out it, print out and take it along with you when you go to visit the human resource manager.

Current Dollar General job opportunities:

For Store Careers – Serving, Sales Associate, Store Manager, District Manager, Region Director

For Distribution Center Careers – Hourly, Warehouse Supervisor, INBOUND/OUTBOUND MANAGER, INVENTORY CONTROL

For Corporate Careers – Finance & Accounting, Marketing, Risk Management, Store Development, Supply Chain

About Dollar General:

Dollar General is a chain of grocery stores that specialize in serving communities. Now their are more 8,965 Dollar General stores in 40 U.S. states.

Working for Dollar General is servicing others. You need to like the customers in the communities you serve. Dollar General also provide a comprehensive benefits package to all their employees, including 401(k) Savings and Retirement Plan, Health Benefits, Flexible Spending Accounts, Compensation and Rewards.

Click here to view Dollar General employee benefits

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52 thoughts on “Dollar General Job Application Online

  1. I would like to apply at your store #4461 in okc, ok and iam having difficulty locating the place on-line to look up your store number and i understand that this store is hiring,,, please notify me if you can either by email or telphone when , where , or how to apply,,,, thank you. 405-312-0152

  2. I am trying to fill out the epay form, But where is it to fill out. Will someone please help me, I NEED this job. Nothing I try works. Sometimes it won’t accept me email address or password. Please send me the form to this email address:

  3. I would really like to have the opportunity to work in your store I’m a hard worker good with people I’m a good person all around if you would please just give me a shot I won’t let you guys down Thanks

  4. I would like to apply for a job with Dollar General Market #14022 160 North State Street Lyons ,Ga 30436. I took a paper application to the store but was told I had to do it on line but it want let me . Would you please help me out with this. Thanks Kathrine

  5. Hello I’m shandrika lane and I was recently told to fill out an application on line and I can’t find the online application for dollar general in Evergreen Al

  6. hello I was told to fill out a application on line for the south milwaukee dollar general store, but I cannot get on can you help please

    1. Yes it is very confusing, you click on fill out an app for dollar general and it takes you somewhere else. What’s going on?

  7. Hello i was told to fill out application on line for Memphis dollar General but i cant find it help me put my app in thank you jackie.

  8. I am trying to fill out an application online for pittsburg Kansas on rouse street I can’t seem to get on and I know they are hiring cause they have a sign up please email me how to do it. I’ve even called employees at the store and they filled out paper application please help

  9. am trying to change my application from title, asst mngr to sales associate the store that needs me to do that, told me I am hired but need to change that first how do I do that or can you give me a phone number to customer service that relates w/Burlington Kansas store? Please and Thank you

  10. i have applied for dollar general in okc library when it came to test i ran out of time how can i get back in to finish the questioner

  11. I have spent countless hours trying to fill out a application on-line to no avail. What am i suppose to do to complete this process.

  12. I know the Dollar General in Painesville they’re hiring now because I went in there that store first before I start filling up my application to an online. And it seems too difficult to get in there to get the position that is available to work. The cashier told me that I have to go online to apply “DG Jobs”. She knows that they’re hiring now for 2nd Shift, and I think I would be able to work these schedules for, if they hire me. Thanks to this opportunity. I’m interested to work this Store in Painesville.

  13. Hi my name is Barbara J Maldonado I am trying to apply for a job at the dollar general store #1689 but the problem I am having is you people make it to hard to apply how do I get there

  14. I am applying for Store num ooooo in Silsbee Tx.77656, I am having problems with online application please send application to my email or my Address is 9669 Old Maid Rd. That you

  15. I am trying to apply for a job at the dollar general in Hardin Tx store #29945 BR. Im having troble because the only internet access i currently have is my mobile, so please is there anyway you could send me a application to my p.o. box or to my email address, please Im a single mother and i am desperate. p.o. box 812 Rye Tx 77369 and my email is

  16. Hello, I’m trying to fill out an application online for the Dollar General Store 04990 here in Coraopolis PA 15108-1802 there number is 412-264-4435 for a sales associate there and is unable to locate the link or information to apply for that position. Can you please send me the direct link to fill out application online or call me @ 412-498-5674 please to help me get this application in as soon as possible? Thank you very much. If I can have the application attachment sent to my email address that will help alot. Thank you again.

  17. Can somebody please send me a attachement with Dollar General Application on there so I can fill it out and submit it please. All links i tried to go into did not give me the application. I also called the store and the people that are working there told me they did they had paper application. But I was told that we now have to do it online and it is so confusing to try to find the link for the application. Can I please have some help. Please?

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  18. I will love to work for dollar general if I get I will be on time the only thing I need is a chance to prove myselfe

  19. I have been trying for hours to fill out an application for Dollar General and I keep hitting a wall….. help! Please

  20. I have been trying for weeks to fill out a app for the dollars general store #10236 in clanton alabama… if some one will please help me I will even come to the store and let them help me and go by everyday when I go tan right across the road… need this job really bad and I do have manger experience

  21. I’ve been trying to put in an application online for Dollar General in Baton Rouge Louisiana 70814 but the system won’t pull up the app so I can do an application online as I’ve been told from the store

  22. I am trying to fill out job application for dollar general in boxelder s.d. 57719 having trouble. please help.

  23. Trying to apply at dollar general at 7624 hwy 45 columbus, ms. Can’t seem to get to the online application. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  24. I need help finding the express hiring process so I can fill out the W2 forms & print out the urine test please help quick thank you

  25. i sent my job application about 6 weeks ago. im trying to get a job at one of the stores in raymondville, tx, lyford, tx and harlingen, tx. i havent gotten any response at all. ive asked at those stores n was told they were hiring.

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