www.Yourwalmartcareer.ca – Walmart Canada Job Application Online

If you’re looking for a Walmart career in Canada, you can go to the website www.Yourwalmartcareer.ca to submit your job application form online.

How to apply:

First, open www.Yourwalmartcareer.ca in your web browser.

Then select the job position type you like, including Retail Store Management, Pharmacy & Optical, Corporate/Home Office and Retail Store Associates. Once you click on the corresponding link, you can view a list of job positions.

Just choose your favorite job and click on the “Apply to job” button to submit your job application.

If you would like to apply for a job at your local store, just click here to download a printable job application, then fill it out and take it along with you when you go to visit the store manager.

Current Walmart Canada Store Job Opportunities:

Store Manager, Assistant Manager, Bakery Manager, Assistant Overnight Manager, Produce Manager, Cashier, Photo Lab Associate, Produce Associate, Grocery Associate, Meat Stocker, Customer Service Manager, Sales Associate, Floor Maintenance, Store Standards Associate, and more. Click here to search for the current openings>>


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67 Responses for www.Yourwalmartcareer.ca – Walmart Canada Job Application Online

  1. ferdos says:

    HI im ferdos safaei.lm student and l have part time job in here but I would like to work at walmart in lougheed erea since near my home. as l heard about walmart i apply for it.thanks ferdos

  2. BIJu MADHAVaN says:

    I am looking for a part time job from 5.00 to midnight.I would like to work at Walmart in Clarview area.I am looking forward for any job as per my abilities.Looking for a positive reply as soon as possible.I am available now.



    I am retired person currently looking for a job in Strathroy Ontario . I am looking forward for any job as per my abilities . I am currently volunteering at Strathroy Hospital as a porter but I would like t work at Walmart in Strathroy Looking for a positive reply as soon as possible, I am available now .

    Leonard Bowden

  4. Natalia says:

    I am looking for a job at Walmart in Stanley Park .I am looking forward for any job as per my abilities.Looking for a positive reply as soon as possible.I am available now.

  5. KARMJEET KAUR says:


  6. dawad dirshe says:

    Dawad dirshe
    11313 -32 st NW
    D- Edmonton AB
    I am looking for a job at walmart in Edmonton AB and I looking forward for any job as per . and just I have exprerince shipping ,stacking the itams ,cleaning ,and any kinds
    of job day and night looking for possitive reply as soon as possible .I am available now

  7. desmond burke says:

    im looking for employment ive been working for the grocery business the last 16 year I know everything there has to do with the business

  8. Mulu Wayessa says:

    Hi I’m Mulu .I’m looking job I would like to work at Walmart . as I heard about . Walmart apply for it thanks

  9. Mulu Wayessa says:

    I’m looking for the employment. I’ve been experience restaurant. and communication with people. I would like work at Walmart thanks

  10. Mulu Wayessa says:

    9258-110a avenue #106
    T5H 1J4 Edmonton A/B
    I am looking for a job. at Walmart in Clareview area I’m looking forward for any job as per.any kinds of job day and night looking for possitvie reply as soon.as possible .i’m available now

  11. Mulu Wayessa says:

    I would like wok at Walmart. If HiRiNG NOW please give me a CHANCE Clareview . area.

    #106 -9258-110a aven
    T5H 1J4 edmonton alberta
    My phone number. 780-807-7240

  12. Ramon says:

    Hi’ did you hire a foreign worker as retail associate position? And you will issue a LMO. Thanks

  13. jane Doering says:

    Hello! I am interested in working in walmart again I worked at st jacobs for 2.5yrs. I started there from the beging building it. I would like to work at 70 Brigdeport east waterloo store 1156. I know alot of people from there they came from the st jacobs store.
    I was a cashier, greeter. 519 578-0449 for an interview.

  14. Mulu Wayessa says:

    Hello l’m interested in working in Walmart. If you hiring now. Please give me a chance in clareviw area.
    My Name is Mulu. Wayessa
    780 807 7240

  15. Maryanne Nferitu says:

    I would like to work with walmart supper market

  16. khadija zakrya says:

    Hi I would like to work at walmart as a cashier or costumer service I am quick leaner, highly organized and adapts easily to new situation

  17. gabriela says:

    Hello, my name is Gabriela I was talking to customer service, and they were very helpful towards my inquiry. I was told walmart hire once in awhile, I am a graduate at Riverview High School and I am looking for job. As I was told walmart is the best place to look for a part time job. my number is 386-5804
    If u r still hiring would it be possible if u contact me thank u so much
    Yours Sincerely Gabriela

  18. Mulu Wayessa says:

    Hello my name is MULU
    I’m interested working in walmart overnight .but I was apply 3or4 times. Place accept me.

  19. Mulu Wayessa says:

    Hello my name is MULU
    I’m interested working in walmart overnight .but I was apply 3or4 times. Place. Hiring.

  20. Azmatullah says:

    I am educated and looking for a “GREETER’ job full time, part time or any hours, in Walmart at Square One Mall.I am flexible for any hours all seven days. Please call me for interview to review my skills and capabilities.

    yours sincerely


  21. Shahid Anjum says:

    Hi my name is Shahid Anjum please give me this job i really need this job please

    by the way my phone number is (306)209-2033 please reply as soon as possible thank you :)

  22. mulu says:

    Hello Walmart. I’m looking full time and part-time job at Clareview;North get and King sway Area. I’m flexible for morning and Overnight shift.if you still hiring would it be possible you can contact me.
    my phone number 780 807 7240
    Thank you so much.

  23. Gena Reimer says:

    Hello Walmart, I am looking for a part time job at Walmart Pickering, ON. If your still hiring please contact me at 905-420-6997.

  24. tay says:

    hello Walmart,I’m looking part time job at Medicine Hat Walmart store,any job if you still hiring please contact me my phone number
    403 502 2744

    thank you so much.

  25. Kevin Lee says:

    Hi my name is kevin lee i am looking for a prat time job in wasaga Beach
    i have done receiving shef stocking, i would like to here from you my number is 7053520415 thank you for your time

  26. Bradley swain says:

    Looking for a job in nights stocking or cleaning

  27. mineck sarvis says:

    I’m looking for work in stocking or cleaning

  28. Bradley swain says:

    Looking for full time work stocking or cleaning

  29. mineck sarvis says:

    Looking for work stocking or cleaning

  30. Bradley swain says:

    Looking for work stocking or cleaning

  31. Anna says:

    Hello Walmart i am a single mom and am looking for part time work

  32. mineck sarvis says:

    Hi I’m looking for a job in night stocking shelves. I’m a every
    Dependable person, always on time for my shifts.

  33. Ariel says:

    Are you hiring for foreign workers? i am a filipino citizen working here in Riyadh K.S.A. as a production worker…

  34. Mulu Wayessa says:

    My name is Mulu l’m looking a job at Walmart l”m fixable any time.

  35. Jean Caslick says:

    I would like a job at Walmart in London Ontario. I am a very hard worker. I all enjoy meeting the public and helping them outto find something for them.

  36. petal gobin says:

    hi i live in brampton and would like an overnight stock job at walmart on bovaird

  37. Zack says:

    Zakariya Abdullahi
    9907b Gordon Ave
    Fort McMurray, AB
    T9H 2E3

    Feb,14, 2014

    Position: Resbonsible for to help customers find products and ensure they are satisfied

    Dear HR Walmart Full time

    Please accept my application for employment with Walmart I am currently in search of employment in Fort McMurray. My previous work experience includes working as A
    organizing shelves.

    I am a hard-working, reliable, responsible friendly and energetic. I am also punctual, organized and can easily adapt to any situation. I have graduated from high school and have obtained my high school diploma in 2011.

    I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss my qualifications with you. I can be contacted by calling 780-788-7802 or by sending an email to samir1770@hotmail.com


  38. Zack says:

    and i will like to work full time thank,s and i can,t wait for your call

  39. Anait says:

    Hello Walmart. I am looking full time and part-time job in Walmart at Dixie and Dundas area or Square One Mall. I am flexible for any hours ,7/24. I am quick leaner.I am available any time..
    Thank You

  40. jagmeet rahal says:

    my name is jagmeet rahal. i,m looking for a job at walmart

  41. Jagmeetrahal says:

    My name jagmeetrahal I’m looking for a work at Walmart I’m fixable any time

  42. nisha says:

    my name is nisha .i’m looking for a job walmart. i can do any time

  43. Boyd Low says:

    I’m interested in working at north side walmart in lethbridge alberta
    I put in a application on Monday march 10, and I am wondering if management received it.
    Thank You

  44. Ekhlas says:

    Hi there I am looking for overnight maintenance position in wallmart .I was warking befor in wallmart but I want to joying my team again I missed my job and my team too .Thank you /ekhlas

  45. ahmed says:

    hi there im looking for a job welmart

  46. barlin mohamed says:

    Hello I am looking for overnight loading unload or cashier position calearview Walmart please contact me 7802004828 or 5879877983 thank you

  47. Duane Paquette says:

    I am seeking part time employment in Kamloops, B.C. I am a fast learner and reliable employee. My phone number is 778-470-5766. I would like to stock shelves, clean-up or recycle cardboard. I love shopping at Wal-Mart and I think I would like to work there too.

  48. lynda durocher says:

    Im looking for days or nights shifts. I’m a very hard worker. Im willing to work hoildays and weekends if needed….Im looking for a cleaning position, also a stocking person. or even greeting people. Im very nice and friendly. please contact me at my home 613 935 4844 i live in cornwall ontario.
    for my cleaning ive done this for years. ive clean private home, office, daycared, motel.please contact me for a interview. It be great to work for a great company… thanks for reading this and i hope too see u soon….. lynda.durocher.

  49. Tetiana says:

    hi there im looking for a job welmart

  50. Catherine Sinclair says:

    Looking for employment at Walmart (easthills). Im a 61 yr young at heart lady, friendly, reliable also i live down the street on 84thst/16th ave. Im available anytime during the day also evening. I hope you consider me wether its pt-time/full time. The longest job i had in Calgary was at Calgary Family Services, Caregiver dept. for 14 yrs. working with sick n elderly. I loved my job there. Thank you so much for taking the time to go over my comment, very much appreciated.

  51. Thomas Panicker says:

    I already given my information. I am a retired Senior. But I am interested to
    work again to make money. I stay at 17 Ave,SE. There is a Walmart close to my place.
    Let me have job details and payment details; let me lookinto, after I give my opinion.
    Thomas Panicker Ph/Fax. 403-387-0223.

  52. muna says:

    Looking for any position job at Wal-Mart for partime .I am hard worker person also doing everything fast.My phone is 306 737 7208.
    Thank u very much

  53. Rajitha says:

    Iam looking for day or nightshifts.i,m very hard worker.i’m looking for a cleaning position also a stockingperson.i’mvery nice and friendly .please contact my phone number is 905-571-2139.I live in whitby.i love shopping at wal-mart and i thinkI would like to work theretoo.

  54. darcy says:

    hi my name is darcy rogalski i was looking for an application for walmart here in yorkton but you cant get to them on the site they have so i came across this page so im leaving this comment my phone number is 306-890-0129 so get a hold of me if you guys are wanting someone to work ok thank you

  55. […] http://www.Yourwalmartcareer.ca – Walmart Canada Job … – If you’re looking for a Walmart career in Canada, you can go to the website http://www.Yourwalmartcareer.ca to submit your job application form online…. […]

  56. Wilfredo Pacris says:


    Im retired already but I still want to work at Wal-Mart, at your North Vancouver branch.
    I want to apply for the position as overnight stocker or maintenance person. I am
    hard working man, reliable and friendly. If given a chance please contact me at 604-
    904-8847. Thank you so much

  57. Christal lammi says:

    Hi I’m looking to apply at walmart as a cahier!
    If there us any openings that would be great

  58. Barbara Cunningham says:

    I am looking for full or part time work in any position that help is needed. I am a very quick learner and have had experience in various job descriptions. I have already given the Sylvan Lake store in Alberta a covering letter and will file an application as soon as possible.. I had filed an application and aptitude test and apparently it was not received.. or lost in cyber space :D I hope to b e a team player with your company as soon as possible. Besides my e-mail address you can also contact me at 403-352-3561..

  59. jazmine says:

    hi my name is jazmine i am looking for a job at walmart can i work there if you have room jazminezaroeny@gmail.com bye

  60. edward preston says:

    Dear Sir or Madam!
    I am currently employed with HSE integrated in health and safety , but at the moment there is no work , and I am looking for part time work till christmas.If you have a vacancy I would like to join your team.Please let me know if such a opportunity exists at Fort Sascatchewan.

    Yours sincerely

    Edward Preston

  61. fidelis ikwo says:

    2187 Toronto Street
    Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 0B7
    Cell phone: (306) 5153203 Home: (306) 205-8945
    Email: mienfidelis@yahoo.com


    Seeking opportunity to apply existing work experiences or train to develop new skills to perform specific duties of a job position.


    Bachelor of Education Degree, English Major, Ignatius Ajuru University, Nigeria 2005
    National Certificate of Education, English Major, Alvan Ikoku College of Eduaction, Nigeria 1996
    Secondary School Certificate, Agwa Secondary School, Agwa, Nigeria 1988


    Good inter personal skills: punctual, conscientious, hardworking, diligent and reliable
    Excellent problem solving skills
    Ability to work with minimum supervision (performs duties with minimum supervision)
    Friendly, enthusiastic, positive attitude, personable and team player
    Sociable and ability to work in a diverse work environment
    Computer literate and good driving skills


    2006-2014: Sales Manager, MACIF Computer Systems, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

    Sold computer products, parts and accessories. Responsible for new business development and maintenance of existing customer accounts. Supervised a team of office and field sales and marketing representatives who called on small businesses to develop and drive new sales.

    2000-2005: Salesperson, Golden Square Nigeria Ltd.

    Engaged in the marketing and sales of general merchandise to individuals and businesses. Drove the achievement of daily, weekly and monthly sales goals. Conducted outbound sales calls to assigned customer account prospects to solicit sales opportunities and collect marketing intelligence and customer data.

    1997-1999: Field Records Keeper, Julius Berger Nigeria Ltd. Lagos

    Responsible for keeping accurate records of the daily activities and whereabouts of workers in a construction site. Duties included maintaining inventory of equipment, work safety supplies and usages, and reports of minor and major accident occurrences.


    Mr. Eugene Ogu, (306) 789-3172 Mr. Callistus Ikeogu, (306) 585-7883 Mrs. Happiness Ogu, (306) 205-8945

  62. pat prest says:

    Im looking to apply for a job in Victoria BC.

  63. candace says:

    I am looking for a full time job

  64. Larry says:

    looking for position in Estevan that is close to fulltime

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