www.Workinginoregon.org/ocs – Oregon Unemployment Benefits Service Online

www.Workinginoregon.org/ocs is the direct online place to enter the Oregon unemployment benefits services, including: File your new claim, Claim a week of unemployment benefits, View status of your claim, Change your address, and more.

How to use the system:

If you’re the first time to apply for your unemployment benefits, you should file a new claim application first. Justprovide your Social Security Number, your work history for the last 18 months, your salary and total income to complete the process. Click here to file your new claim>>

Once your claim is established, you can claim your weekly unemployment benefits by using this system simply. Weeks start on Sunday and end on Saturday midnight. To claim this week, you would file your claim next Sunday or Monday. Click here to claim a week of benefits>>

Other Services: View status of your claim, Change your address, Change/Reset PIN, Electronic deposit to your bank account

Please note,

This system is unavailable from 12:30am to 2:00am each night.

Filing of New Claims is not available week days from 10:00PM until 2:00AM, Saturday from 8:00PM until Sunday at 2:00AM and from Sunday at 8:30PM until Monday at 5:00AM.

More FAQs, please visit www.Workinginoregon.org/ocs directly.

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19 Responses for www.Workinginoregon.org/ocs – Oregon Unemployment Benefits Service Online

  1. Raymond D. Kennedy says:

    My benefits run out in about 2 weeks. What do I do? Is there any extention? Thank you, Raymond D. Kennedy

    • robert luft says:

      can someone please tell me if theres a extention available. My area of living has very little job openings and many others applying.

  2. Gary Jay Prinzing says:

    I need to reopen my benefits my new phone no. is 503-793-0128

  3. danny stocler says:

    I would like to fight my denial for my unemployment benifits.

  4. clint omisong says:

    i call n did my pin . first time apply

  5. Eleanor F Scott says:

    Would appreciate a call to 541-389-3235 regarding restarting my unemployment claim.

  6. Nancy L Green says:

    i talked to somebody last week and they told me i can not file for a new claim because i collected a severance package from my company. i dont understand when we were closing-down employment office was at the company.please e-mail me or call me to explain to me.phone 503-786-8964. or 503-490-1560cell.

  7. Rafael perez duran says:

    I haven’t recibe jet my form 1099-G 2012 by mail and I need it to do my Incontax, I would like you send to me by mail on this address Rafael Perez Duran 4792 Lancaster Dr NE apartment # 113 salem or 97305 if you have any Questions call me at 503-428-1425 thank you.

  8. aaron stake says:

    Not sure. if filled everything out rite. PLease let me know. So there is no delay in benefits.

  9. thomas cush says:

    I have been filing weekly claims for 2 weeks expecting to receive an extension , still my reliacard states no added money . ? where is the money . ?Im broke , need money for gas in order to look for work ……..HELP

  10. kathylene anthony says:

    I had hours reduced and then let go.

  11. kathylene anthony says:

    Hours cut then terminated

  12. kathylene anthony says:

    I need to file for unemployment

  13. Carl Saich says:

    Will u pls call me , regarding the claim I just made online I had trouble changing the day I was last employed ,don’t want it to effect my benefits call 1-661-623-1218

  14. robert l. bruhns says:

    C.I.d.number..49-586.979.311..where is my 1099. .how come I only recieved 12 weeks when I was told 26 weeks..need answers and you do not answer your phones…my phone # is 541-890-3245 or 541-261-6365. Need 1099 to file taxes.


    my benefits ran out what do I do is there any extention available thank you

  16. fred arsenault says:

    how can I get my tax information (W2 or W4?).

  17. lindaboyle says:

    I need my tax statement sent to me .w2

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