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How to apply for a Spirit Halloween job:

To work for Spirit Halloween, you need to visit the Spirit Halloween online job application system - www.Work4spirit.com. This site is provided by JobApp Network (Jobappnetwork.com), so you need to create a user account first. Once you create your account, log in to search for the latest Spirit Halloween job opportunities by entering keywords, locations or zip code. If you find a position fit for you, just follow the instructions to submit your job application form online.

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Current Job Positions available for you:

Sales Associate, Assistant Manager, Store Manager, District Sales Manager

About Spirit Halloween:

Spirit Halloween is a nationwide retailer that sells Halloween costume products for more than 25 years. There are over 850 seasonal locations throughout the United States.

If you’re a person who wants some excitement in your career, Spirit Halloween is a best place for you. Here you can meet many  creative, high energy and fun people. They will provide you a competitive salary with a unique work environment. You need to have at least 1-2 years specialty store experience to join them.

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27 Responses for www.Work4spirit.com – Spirit Halloween Job Application Online

  1. rosa delia ardon hernandez says:

    i need de jop call 323-770-8252.

  2. Abraham Sonneman says:

    Hello my name is Abraham Sonneman. From 781 Latish Place, El Cajon CA, 92021. I saw your ads for help wanted and i am interest in working for Spirit Halloween store. I have precious experience in customer service where i was able to quickly determine and satisfy the customer’s needs while providing friendly and attentive service. I am naturally adept in communicating with customers, and am able to successfully prioritize tasks and complete them in a timely manner. I thrive in fast paced environments where I am able to demonstrate adaptability to new situations, while remaining flexible as changes arise. I enjoy being part of a team and being able to contribute to their success.

  3. Angela Vivien says:

    Hi I am Angela I am currently a cashier at KFC , I wouldnt mind picking up another job . I am part time there and since this job is seasonal I would love to be apart of the team . Thank You

  4. Patricia Munson says:

    I Patricia Munson am currently working I would like a chance to be able to have a great opportunity to work w/ Holloween Spirit in best interest to w/ the business maybe make a career of a great opportunity I am a great worker and very dependable please consider . T

    Thank you kindly Patricia Munson

  5. Nuvaera says:

    Hello, I am looking for a part time or full time for Saturday or/and Sunday pleasing me know by email I will give my number if needed

  6. mohamed says:

    hi im Mohamed I’m looking for part time or full time from Friday to Sunday pleasing know by my E-mail your store are w146 am leaving w151on Broadway

  7. David Robinson says:

    I am seeking full time employment with your store in the greater Cleveland,Ohio area. I work well with others and always get there on time.So get back to me as soon as possible.

  8. David Robinson says:

    Lets get started

  9. David Robinson says:

    Hire me

  10. Narinder kaur says:

    I am really wanting to have a job in your store . My live near your store so you can call me anytime and I will reach you. I hope you give a job . Thanks .

  11. Herbert Roberson. says:

    Very much intersested too be apart of the team. Looking forward to work 4 spirit.

  12. Alvin bridges says:

    Hello my name is Alvin in I leave right by the one guy are opening on Bishop Road in I am part time in I need. Job really bad in I would work my hardest if you hire me

  13. Nohemi Oyervides says:

    I woud like to work here. Please & Thank you.

  14. William piehl says:

    I want to be a sign weaver for spirit Halloween store in south shore

  15. Sophonie,Merant says:

    I will love to work for spirit store because Iam a hard work and I will make the people have a great when they buy from the store.please call me at (347)2745722name sophonie Merant
    Thank u for your time.

  16. alicia cammon says:

    I would love to work for you guys in Newnan, GA zip 30265. I only live two minutes away from the store. I am hard working, motivated, and love meeting new people.

  17. Larry Long says:

    You all are idiots for putting your number and and adress on a MESSAGE BOARD!?!..go to “work4spirit.com” and apply..Mind you they close Nov.3rd so good luck with that..

  18. Tazomi Carty says:

    I am very interested in this job offering. I could work full time please hire me

  19. Rachel says:

    im extremely interested in this job offering. i could work part time please get back with me i would love to work 4 spirit :)

  20. Angela Cervantes says:

    Hello, i am very interested in this job offer, please email me at cervantesangela67@yahoo.com

  21. Grammar Police says:

    Wow! – I think most of you should be looking for an education not a job. Please step away from the drugs and pick up a book on English. If all else fails at least use the spell checker and/or grammar checker on your computer before hitting send. For Heaven’s sake stay in school.

  22. Nathan Deshner says:

    i would like to be a part of the team.i like working in an exciting area.i do know alot about halloween stuff.i have experience in this area.

  23. Amanda Campbell says:

    Would love to work here!!!! Filled out my application ! Waiting for a call

  24. Heaven Bishop says:

    Hi, I’m Heaven I would love to be apart of the team!

  25. Johnb322 says:

    Muchos Gracias for your blog post. cgfedfdfgegd

  26. Johne921 says:

    Because here is a list of multiplayer games is that the leave was asked efbdedddkdgf

  27. eva says:

    Hi my name is eva I live in merrit island on cortniy I wold like to work with spirt im 22 please call me at 3212232106

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