www.Mass.gov/dua/webcert – Massachusetts Unemployment Benefits Service Online

If you’re a resident of the State of Massachusetts,  you can use the online WebCert system (web url: www.mass.gov/dua/webcert) to file for your weekly unemployment insurance benefits.

How to file for your unemployment benefits?

Open the above url in your web browser, then you can see the login box on the page. Simply enter your username and password to access your account. If you’re a first time user, you need to register for the system first.

Once you’ve logged, click on the “file for weekly unemployment benefits” link on the navigation, then it’ll guide you to the process of completing your unemployment claim.

You can also use the system to check the status of your claim, verify the payment amount and history, and more.

Please note, this system is only available Sunday through Friday from 7AM to 7PM. (Sunday hours extended to 10PM.)

Need help, call 617-626-6800 or 877-626-6800. Visit www.mass.gov/dua/webcert now!

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11 Responses for www.Mass.gov/dua/webcert – Massachusetts Unemployment Benefits Service Online

  1. Elisabeth Jutkiewicz says:

    I was wndering about my balance I just reapplied for unemploymeny benefits in January and I received a check this week saying that my balaNCE WAS ONLY 308.00 and I am not sure why that is

  2. arnold says:

    on this page the link does not work, and why can’t we have when opening the very first site on the inital opening of lets say google be where we have our login in why do we have to search to find it?
    http://www.mass.gov/dua/webcert) to file for your weekly unemployment insurance benefits.

    • Karen says:

      This, of course, also does not speak at all to the mueerenploymdnt situation in which many of those formerly-fully employed now find themselves. Typically (and this has been true, until 2009, for roughly 25 years at least), I would be working full-time, on average, at least 9 10 months of each year, with periodic one- or two-month intervals of unemployment as I complete a long-term contract job and have to spend time finding another similar contract position. During the last 2-1/2 years, though, I have been averaging only about 6 8 months working per calendar year, as the intervals between contracts have greatly lengthened.In addition, rates of pay for contract work have been going down, generally, for almost 4 years now my current contract only pays about what I was getting per hour roughly 10 12 years ago, even though both my skills and work experience levels have both gone up. That is about a 20 to 25 percent cut in rates and, based upon what recruiters have been telling me, that is quite typical and, of course, with no allowance being made for over a decade of inflation. Effectively, I am making about 50 to 60 percent (in real, spendable terms) per year what I was earning about 10 years ago, and my marginal tax rates have not decreased from where they were 5 or 6 years ago.I have to believe that this is pretty typical, and not just in my own field of contract engineering work. Therefore, even a lot of the employed aren’t making enough to even maintain life-style they’re slowly sliding closer and closer to that working poor/poverty line.I’m better off than most, since I have enough qualifications and experience to be well above-average in rate of pay even now but the number of younger, less-experienced workers, coupled with those who have had to change over to doing something else altogether, must, I think, be a pretty sizeable part of those who are slowly sliding backwards like that.

  3. Kenneth Dean says:

    I have not recieved any unemployment chack as of this date, if there is a problem why does’nt someone contact me so that together, we may resolve the problem, I have NO MONEY and my rent is due, I don’t have anything to eat, How am I suppose to live with NO MONEY!!!!

  4. marybeth says:

    I am having trouble w/ the phone line & filing my unemploymentclaim. What can I do? I was laid off from my job, which was supposed to be a guarenteed year round job, w/ fulltime benefits. My rent is due. I hve no money. There was no warning given. there are no jobs available on the cape that I seem qualified for. I would love to be able to get training or schooling to increase my qualifications.Please help

  5. deborah secreast says:

    hello i am no longer receiving benefits and i am trying to go on the site wwwmass.gov/dua/webcert and print out my ui benefits expiration and print out I have no balance left my unemployment has been exhausted so i can receive some help and im having no luck when i log in it tells me someone else has that username and password ???? really ? um yeh me !!! crazy i need ed to get something stating im no longer receiving any more unemployment why so difficult ? i got a letter just saying ur final payment thats all no date no info or content stating actually im receiving nothing anymore wouldve been more helpful how can i get acesss to some letter of some kind please let me know thanks Deb

  6. Roberta DiMarco says:

    I have been trying to reach your office since last week. I filed unemployment from
    11/2011 until 4/2012. I had taxes withheld from my check. Todate I have
    not received any information on my W2, with an appt on 42/18/13. Could you
    please provide me information on where I can get a copy. I do not have
    access to long on any more. Roberta DiMarco ss xxx-xx-1197
    Thank You – Roberta

  7. Anthony says:

    i was just wondering why my balance read $ 1,965.00 then the following week it read $326.00 as the remaining balance.what happen to it all

  8. Bryan Souza says:

    I do not understand the new way to unemployment works i cannot talk to a person i am a sheet metal worker i would like to see them do my job i cannot do there’s i am lost and have no help you go to the center and they show you a phone and that dont work the systems is down HELP PLEASE LOST AND HAVE NO ANSWERS

  9. Susan says:

    Last week I only received $8, unemployment told me over the phone (after being on hold for 45 minutes) that my bank was exhausted and i had t o fill out a form and they are not making up the difference.but my benefit end time is May 2014 I am looking for a job I just finished school. Federal government is so messed up,and they lowered my benefits 7%


  10. Luis F. Socia says:

    I nee to printer my payment history 1 to 8 pag.

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