JCPenney Job Application – Online Employment Form

How to apply for a JCP job:

Since JCPenney does not provide a printable job application, you must apply for employment on the job application website by following the link here!

1. After clicking the link above, you will be on the job application page of JCPenney.

2. Then find out the job searching box on the page.

3. Now just search the jobs that are available for you and start your career.

Available Positions at JCPenney: Department Supervisor, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager, Sales Manager, Training Supervisor, Customer Service Associate, Commissioned Sales Associate, Holiday Associate, Footwear Sales Associate, Fine Jewelry Sales Associate, Hourly Sales Support, Decorator Consultant, Salon Front Desk Associate, Salon Leader, Men’s Apparel Sales Associate, Customer Service Representative, Visual Specialist, Customer Assistant, Pricing Associate, Signing Associate, Custom Decorating Installer, Checkout Clerk

JCPenny, a chain of American mid-range department store, was founded by James Cash Penney in 1902 in Kemmerer, Wyoming. The chain of department with more than 100 years history now operates over 1000 department stores in all states of America and Puerto Rico. The company has been always following customers’ needs by changing locations and sale patterns. In 1998, the company became an Internet retailer also.

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5 Responses for JCPenney Job Application – Online Employment Form

  1. OumouSy says:

    Get. At. Job jcpenney. Is dream come trust

  2. amira roshdy says:

    jc penney is avery good stor

  3. olivia says:

    HI my name is Olivia Chatmon an i was wondering if u had any opening for your store JCPennys ! I am available to work full time in mornings shift or night shift . If so if u don’t mind could u give me a call at 716-602-6806 or 716-444-2862 Thank u vey much an have nice day.

  4. Leszek Muszynski says:


  5. Nate says:

    Thanks I just put in the application

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