www.Prepaid.citi.com/does – District of Columbia UI Benefits Card Service Online

If you’ve received your UI Benefits Debit Card from District of Columbia Department of Employment Services (ODES), you can now go to the website www.Prepaid.citi.com/does to check your unemployment benefit payments & manage your card account online.

How to manage your card online?

To enjoy the services, you should register your card first. It’s simple. Just click here to register now!

Once you registered, you can sign in your card account with your user name and password. Then you will be able to view a summary of account information, including balances, transactions, fees and deposit amounts online.

BENEFITS of the UI Benefits Debit Card:

Receive your benefit payments immediately.  Payments are automatically deposited to your card. No need too much waiting time.

Use the card wherever Visa is accepted, including more than 50,000 Visa-branded ATMs in the United States.

Manage your account and track all transactions spending 24 hours a day, online at www.Prepaid.citi.com/does.

Need help, call Citi Customer Service at 1-800-582-4910.

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3 Responses for www.Prepaid.citi.com/does – District of Columbia UI Benefits Card Service Online

  1. Berfin says:

    you’ll probably only get appoevrd for a secured card. which is where you put down a deposit of like $ 300 and thats your credit limit. eventually after good payments for a while they may make it unsecured and give you your deposit back. that’s really the best route. or go to your local bank and try talking to someone about it. they may be able to give you an unsecured card with a low limit to help you rebuild. i suggest a credit union, they tend to be more helpful and willing. good luck!

  2. nathalia nicholson says:

    I all ready have a citi debit card for my UI Benefits.

  3. kevinmccall says:

    trying to get my account info

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